Thursday, May 17, 2012

Open Letter to Eurozone Officials

  1. Jose-Manuel Barroso – President of European Commission
  2. Van Rompuy – President of European Counsel
  3. Jean Claude Yuncker – President of Eurogroup
  4. Mario Draghi – Governor of E.C.B.
 I.-  Governments of Eurozone Member States
 II.- President of European Parliament Mr Sultz
 III. Greek Members of European Parliament
 IV.- Press
Subject:  Immediate economic unification of Eurozone, followed by an entirely political
                Unification, as the only and unique policy, to save the Euro and the Eurozone.

Dear Sirs,

The economic crisis and the austerity measures that have been imposed in Greece, which have humiliated and made the Greek people miserable, have raised crucial questions and in view of the recent elections here, that shake up the Greek society and the rest of Europe.
The establishment of United Europe, since its foundation was meant to become and operate more or less as one State, with a common economy, foreign policy, defense etc. With all the above being done gradually , however with positive steps toward the unification.
So far no step has been taken at all towards that goal, apart from the wrong decision of the common currency, the Euro, without having common economic policy, a precondition to have common currency and the rich Countries to take advantage of a large free market that was created.
Greece, along with other southern Countries of the Eurozone, Spain, Portugal, Italy,  France, Ireland and Belgium, will suffer economically from lack of progress, if not purposely, towards unification, as the austerity measures are prone to suffocate the economies. Thus forcing us into the claws of IMF and the Troika with the Memorandums, deteriorated the already problematic economy.
I agree that one should live according to his income and not borrowing money and creating deficits. However for reasons beyond this letter, all Countries in the world have large debts and deficits, which should be eliminated but not over night.
It is ridiculous to hear one state blaming another within a supposed united group of Countries and impose hostile and humiliating terms in order to lend money and demanding extreme and sometimes even immoral  securities. This is not a Europe United, it is a Europe of dissolution, a Group of irresponsible Countries, if not of enemies. It is a pity. It is time to become serious and responsible.

Therefore, even at this late stage, it is imperative to correct these mistakes, by deciding quickly, before is too late, even at the 23rd May session, to go ahead with a common economic policy at this stage, in order to coordinate the economy of each Country member, and dictate measures for economic growth, especially to the weak Countries, with motives and anti-motives etc. Such a policy of the Eurozone will be for the benefit of all, even for the rich Countries which thus will secure their prosperity.
The next step will be, the E.U. to go further to a complete political unification, with common foreign and defense policy, protecting and safeguarding the common boarders and so on.
`Then and only then, the E.U. will be united indeed, for the prosperity and happiness of all.
Looking forward to a positive feed back of my anxiety.

Yours sincerely

Nicos Anagnostatos

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