Monday, March 23, 2015

Rethink Robotics introduces a new Smarter and Collaborative robot – Sawyer

Baxter robot now has a new brother named Sawyer. The Boston based robotic firm, Rethink Robotics, has come up with a new robot that is capable of automating complex precision tasks. With Sawyer, Rethink Robotics has tried to revolutionize the manufacturing process with this new robotic member. Sawyer is way ahead in every aspect when compared to Baxter as it was able to learn how to cook by watching various instructional cooking clips.

This new robot will be able to perform various tasks that were previously very complicated to execute. However, Sawyer resolves all these problems as it can easily automate many tasks like machine tending, testing various circuits etc. which were almost impossible to implement using traditional robots used in the present industries.

Possessed with the same advantages that we got from Baxter, Sawyer also has the face screen, feature to be trained by demonstration as well as embedded sensors – but offers really high precision output for tasks that have to be done with flexibility as well as agility.
Powered by the same Intera software that was present in Baxter, Sawyer is capable of adapting itself to various real world conditions as humans do on the manufacturing plant. If used together, both the robots can solve around 80 percent of the manufacturing jobs that are almost impossible to implement with the machinery that is available to us today.
This new robot is very compact in terms of size and weight. Sawyer is just 3.3 feet tall and weighs 41.9 pounds only. It is even smaller than the Baxter robot that the company launched in 2012.

Sawyer will soon be available to the American, Japanese, Chinese and European market with the base price of $29,000. At present, many large companies have been testing it in order to determine its usability.

Sawyer is scheduled to hit the market this summer but in limited numbers. The general availability target of this new robot is kept for the later part of the year.

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